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About Save Villa de Paz

Villa de Paz is a one-mile square community on the west side of metropolitan Phoenix.

The City of Phoenix and their current wrecking ball, Virtua Partners, are hell bent on murdering protected wildlife,  digging up a perfectly good and profitable golf course, and terrorizing Villa  de Paz residents... all for the nightmare of infilling. 

We need your help to save a unique way of life.  Green space. Conservation. Preservation.

Villa de Paz is authentic Arizona.

That is why the City of Phoenix and Globalist vulture demolition developers like Virtua Partners are after our community.

Greed. Corruption. Lies.

The Infilling Deception.


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Villa de Paz is West Phoenix's Premier Golf Community


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~Golf Course Development Pros & Cons

~Definition of a Golf Course in Arizona Law, ARS 42-13151

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