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Villa de Paz Overrun with Vermin: Mice, Cockroaches Thanks to the Development Nightmare of Infilling

Since the delicate ecosystem has been disrupted, Villa de Paz residents, including their children, face the spread of disease and parasites thanks to the efforts of politicians like Daniel Valenzuela and Greg Stanton who worked with developers in the illegal theft and mismanagement of private lands.

Villa de Paz Resident Owns Phoenix Mayoral Candidate

End the reign of the Swamp Creatures gaining more political seats... Vote with the knowledge of who your politicians really are.

Villa de Paz begins #savevilladepaz Hashtag Campaign

Don't ask what Villa de Paz can do for you... ask what you can do to make Villa de Paz: A Place Like No Other.

Real Estate Listing for Villa de Paz Golf Course Boasts Selling Out Homeowners for Land Grab Scheme

The Homeowners have repeatedly said: NO to any sort of development on the golf course lands...

Erosion and Flood Control Become Issues with Virtua's Irresponsible Stewardship of Villa de Paz Golf Course

By not maintaining the grounds in accordance with Phoenix City fire, safety, and maintenance ordnances, Virtua Partners has added erosion concerns and flood control to the list of depravity.

Scorpions, Rattlesnakes Become Issues Due to Virtua's Irresponsible Stewardship of Villa de Paz Golf Course

Predators like hawks,  eagles are the counterbalance to out of control vermin. The neighbors in Villa de Paz will be in danger of property and  home invasions until Virtua Partners reestablishes the golf course as mandated by local, state, and  federal laws.

Golf Course Development Pros & Cons

Irresponsible stewardship of the public trust  and their resources (finance, property, mineral, water) has led the City of Phoenix to develop on restricted and historical lands against state and federal laws...

Phoenix City Council Makes Back Room Deals with Developers Against Villa de Paz Residents

Watch (Video)  how the Villa de Paz Golf Course has been approved for demolition before the private community homeowners have been notified...

Villa de Paz Golf Course on the Chopping Block
The City of Phoenix and Virtua Partners can be held responsible for the deaths of protected wildlife and the destruction of habitat that has been encumbered during these past weeks of destruction...
Investment Company, Virtua Partners, Set to Deface Phoenix Metro Area
This example makes Virtua Partners and defacing property synonymous...
Maryvale Votes NO on Turning Villa de Paz Golf Course Into Housing
Video Presentation. Historical Archive.

Villa de Paz Residents Fight Developer

Video Presentation. Historical Archive.


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