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July 26, 2018

Scorpions, Rattlesnakes Become Issues due to Virtua's  Irresponsible Stewardship of Villa de Paz Golf Course

The City of Phoenix and developers, Virtua Partners, have created health and safety issues with the irresponsible stewardship of the Villa de Paz Golf Course.
Virtua Partners has allowed the Golf Course greens to fall into a stage act of disrepair. In an attempt to push a false claim of needing a change to the current land usage, Virtua Partners has
Without balance of the natural wildlife to keep harmony between prey and predator, scorpions and rattlesnakes will be allowed  to nest and over take the defaced property.
Predators like hawks,  eagles are the counterbalance to out of control vermin. The neighbors in Villa de Paz will be in danger of property and  home invasions until Virtua Partners reestablishes the golf course as mandated by local, state, and  federal laws.















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