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The Infilling Deception Political Swamp Creatures

Chapter 1

Isn't that what we are talking about here? Politicians who have outlived  their usefulness?

All across the country local politicians hide their campaign to destroy city centers with the failed policies of the United Nations' Sustainable Development model.

Green. Solar. Sustainability. Who would be against fluffy bunnies and the environment, right?

Except Sustainable Development is built on the erroneous theory that there is an end point to fossil fuels and people must be crammed together in Megaregions and Megacities in order to flourish with green technology. Green energy cannot travel in electrical form as far as  fossil fuels do without losing  vast  amounts of integrity and strength. That means rural living according to the United Nations must be eradicated for the sake of Mother Earth.  

The problem is the United Nations bases this faulty and incorrect fossil fuel analysis on even more pseudo-science called: Global Warming / Climate Change. The main driver of Earth's weather and climate is solar activity. Human activity comprises less than 2% of any atmospheric anomalies.

So the pubic is misled by politicians and their political parties about the real agenda behind Sustainable Development. Politicians get elected and entrenched in their seats passing city ordinances for Sustainable Development when the people of their cities and towns never voted in these draconian policies.

When President Bush attened the United Nations' "Earth Summit," or Sustainable Development [Agenda 21], politicians fail to realize that that document was never signed by our President nor ratified by the Senate of the United States. The agreement is therefore invalid. It is a nice piece of political theater but not worth the paper the words are not even written on.

According to the UN Information Center, all nations in attendance agreed to the document."

President Bush declared: "We've signed a climate convention." Yet if there was a consensus, no one signed a damn thing, then how and why are we following this rubbish?

We are adhering to Agenda 21 based on an open lie.

"Later President Clinton signed an executive order, basically demanding compliance from every state and community with the goals and plans of Agenda 21 which is fast coming about as official policy in every town, city and state."

Again,  if no convention, agreement, or treaty was ever signed by our President and ratified by our Senate [67 votes] as is the Rule of Law under the Constitution of the United  States of America,  then how and why are we following the tenets of the Earth Summit, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development?

The President of the United States can only write and sign Executive Orders for that which duties and responsibilities are under his purview. No treaty.  No ratification. President Clintion's Executive Order concerning the Earth Summit is an illegal order and cannot be follow.

There is no legal precedent or guideline except for the policies unelected United Nations bureaucrats decide upon.

Can you say unconstitutional? 

But maybe the accord was a Congressional-Executive Agreement, not needing ratification.

Great. Show the documentation. President Bush did not sign an accord, agreement, or other such compact as per the United Nations' own confession. So how would 60 Senatorial votes come to pass to approve a Congressional-Executive Agreement? And, if that happened, how would the vote be justified under the Constitution?

So the swamp creatures, with the help of indoctrinated American Planning Association graduates hired into city planning departments, have begun the journey to destroy their own hometowns on the basis of greed, corruption, and lies.

How many people have voted in Agenda 21? I have never seen that on the ballot.

How many people have voted in Sustainable Development by way of city planning officials? I have never voted in one city hire. That is called unelected bureaucrats running your city or town. That is how the United Nations runs your local area like a puppet master.

And people call One World Government a conspiracy theory... how about just a common criminal conspiracy?

Swamp creatures are all too happy to comply. Doormat politicians open and ready to do business that is not the people's business for that all coveted campaign contribution.

Agenda 21 is Communitarianism, in short communism light. Light until the command and control system comes into play right after the tenets of Sustainable Development bankrupt your city. Unfunded liabilities like lightrail [trains] and other unfeasible projects cause the cities and towns to begin eating their own for profiteering.

Swamp Creatures partner up with the private sector called Public-Private Partnerships to find new and despicable ways to undercut and undermine the community by assaulting freedom of movement, private property rights, and civil rights.

The Phoenix City Council handed a developer $36 million to begin a failed Sustainable Development project in downtown Phoenix. 18 stories of coffin apartments with exorbitant rent. A grocery store is set on the bottom floor.

And the residents wonder why the City of Phoenix does not have enough funds for police officers. 

Then the lightrail will make cars in downtown Phoenix unnecessary and you will be going around in circles for the rest of your life. Talk about command and control.

AZ/D.C. Swamp Creatures need to be rooted out of our political seats and replaced by individuals who are not sellouts to foreign entities like the United Nations.

The time for treason is over.

The restoration of America now commences.


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