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The Infilling Deception


Infilling. That word seems straightforward enough, but that is the beginning of the deception. 

The American Planning Association in conjunction with the United Nations has stacked city planning offices around the country, and the world, with indoctrinated acolytes to promote, push, and bully until Sustainable Development ruins city facades, communities, and economies.

Sound farfetched? Like a trip into the Twilight Zone for Conspiracy Theorists?

What if the theory was an actual conspiracy to deprive Americans of their private property rights? What would you do?

Villa de Paz has chosen to fight the greed, corruption, and lies.

Infilling is not about increasing home availability, but eradicating the foundation of city centers by destroying their history and culture. Villa de Paz has been around since May of 1979. Some documents go back even further.

The City of Phoenix along with developers, in this current fight it is Virtua Partners, has begun the process of eliminating habitat for Species with the Greatest Conservation Needs to even Endangered Species as defined by the Arizona Fish and Game Department.  

Unfortunately, the City of Phoenix and the new golf course owners are doing everything they can from not watering the property to removing habitat, as "dead trees," in order to starve and scare off these protected and conservation species. All for greed that will come with developing the golf course illegally to put homes where homes were never intended to be built.

Villa de Paz residents face an onslaught from the unlawful use of force {bullying/stripping away of stipulations by an authoritative body called the City Council] or violence against persons or property {not watering the property causing fire danger/tree removal disrupting habitat and  residents'  peace] in order to coerce or intimidate this civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives: infilling. You just read the legal definition of terrorism.

The residents need your help to combat the unlawful and illegal actions that are being used to drive them off their land and out of their homes.

Won't you join us?


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